Menu Letter

After touring the Andalusian autonomous community in the last tasting menu, I realized that I felt trapped between the borders of each of the 8 provinces that make up our autonomous community. I needed to use products or rely on recipes that were not only from a single province or the same province. Therefore, the Camino and half the Andalusian road disappear. With a see you later to the Camino Andaluz and the Andalusian Middle Way, our proposal starts with two “A”. The first letter of the alphabet and the first vowel of Arriaga and Andalusia. In order to measure the length, it will be called uppercase Á and the short a lowercase. Enjoy them.

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We are very sorry, but due to the increase in fresh raw materials and energy supplies, we have been forced to increase both menus by 10 euros.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and so, in this way, we can continue to offer the same product quality that we have been doing so far.

Tasting menu Á

Composed of 9 steps. It is the longest-lasting menu in the restaurant. In this menu, Álvaro recreates his own recipes but with most of the ingredients of the Andalusian community, but this time without provinces, without ties, with freedom of movement.

Price per person: 100.00 €.

It is served by a full table.

Tasting menu B

The little brother of B. is composed of 6 steps, As gastronomic as the previous one, but with three steps. Like the Á menu, it is a menu with most of the ingredients of the Andalusian community, but this time without provinces, without ties, with freedom of movement. At the end of the menu, you will be given the menu in writing tasted.

Price per person: 80.00 €.

Served by full table

The wine. Daniel was able to recommend wines from our winery, according to his taste. You can also enjoy a pairing with each tasting menu.

• If you suffer from any intolerance or allergy to any product. Do not hesitate to tell us. We are happy to assist and please you.

Dear customers,A new stage begins. We are in a different situation, but we want them to feel calm. The restaurant has been thoroughly cleaned. Glass, floor, and even air. Once used, tablecloths are stored in a closed bag and moved to the laundry, where they are washed and disinfected. The cutlery and glassware were washed in industrial dishwashers at 90º temperature. At the entrance, we have a hydroalcoholic gel service point so that without having to touch any container, they can make use of it. Sinks are disinfected after each service. The elevator is also disinfected every time customers leave the restaurant. In case they need masks or gloves, we have them available to customers if they need them. Now by law, we cannot give physical cards. So I have decided to delete the traditional menu and leave the two tasting menus requested by customers. Menus with new dishes that we propose on the other sheet. We welcome you again and hope you enjoy this new stage.

Thanks for coming back.

Alvaro Arriaga.