Virginie Duroc-Danner


My Dear Customers,


Having put all my heart, energy and talent into this business, I have decided that after ten years the time has come for me to close this wonderful book we wrote together.


In a few days time, the VD-D company will stop, at my request, and this will be for me the beginning of a new story in my life.


I want to thank you warmly for your support, for your loyalty and for your friendship. I have been very fortunate to have had exceptional customers and I have been very happy to share with them this part of my life which has been so important to me.


You who have followed me with enthusiasm and good will, together with my problems, the birth of my son John and all my creations.


This chocolate adventure has allowed me to discover something in myself with which has made each moment truly full of happiness.


I wish you all a great summer and I renew my heartfelt thanks.


Virginie 20th July 2012


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