Virginie Duroc-Danner

It has become “de rigor” for French chocolate lovers visiting Paris to make a stop off at Virginie Duroc-Danner's shop.

Virginie Duroc-Danner is a famed French chocolatier and culinary entrepreneur. Visitors to Paris are most likely to come across her chocolate creations at her store located in Avenue Châteaupieds 92500 Rueil-Malmaison.



When she is not at her shop, she can most often be found at her workshop where she makes her fabulous handmade chocolate delicacies. This is located just outside of Paris. Her immaculate workspace devoted to all things chocolate is decorated in hues of purple and pink.

This well matches the personality of it's owner as Virginie Duroc-Danner is well known for her lively and buoyant “Joie de vivre” personality. Just the thing to get you in the mood before sampling some of her gourmet French chocolatesVirginie Duroc-Danner at her workshop.

You should be aware that both the workshop and the store are incredibly popular with not only visitors to the city but also locals. Thus you may find it difficult to get the attention of the owner for long if she is on the premises.

The lively flow of people through the store adds to the occasion and will put you in the mood to shop. The range of handmade chocolate that is available is extensive and well packaged using Virginie Duroc-Danner own original designs.

Some of her creations, such as the chocolate CD’s, cannot be found anywhere else. This gives the store a special feeling that you are purchasing something that few other people get the chance to sample.

It is this packaging which draws many people to the store as all of the chocolates are hand packaged in brightly designed wrapping. All of the chocolates are crafted by hand and of the highest quality. As you should expect when purchasing premium chocolates these come at a premium price but if you want the best then you will need to pay for it.



Virginie Duroc-Danner’s chocolates have proven to be particularly popular with female buyers and the customers at her store and workshop reflect this. Women it seems cannot get enough of the feminine colors and use of ribbon and other adornments around these chocolates.

 Virginie Duroc-Danner busy at work.However do not be fooled into thinking that Virginie Duroc-Danner artisanship only extends to pretty wrapping. These are chocolates of the highest quality made by a master chocolatier. Another exquisite chocolate creation from Virginie Duroc-Danner

Virginie Duroc-Danner has spent years perfecting her craft and now produces some of the finest chocolate in Europe. For a true chocolate lover there can be few pleasures as great as getting to spend some time in Virginie Duroc-Danner workshop.

If you are unable to make the trip to her Paris workshop you can also browse her web site or visit her Facebook page which features many of her chocolate creations. However part of the joy of Virginie Duroc-Danner is the experience of being surrounded by so many brightly decorated chocolate packages with other chocolate enthusiasts.

Virginie Duroc-Danner’s workshop is highly recommended for anyone visiting Paris who loves chocolate.

Read Virginie Duroc-Danner press announcement July 2012

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